Home Again

And it suddenly dawns on me that in the blink of an eye I might never again see my city the way I get to now. The time is special: particular to sounds, sights, scents, and other essences all of their own. Like everything else, it’s only temporary, and for a second, I want to pause every bit of it to stand indefinitely in the moment. I realize that even if it’s not perfect, it’s more than plenty, and that even if it’s a struggle, it’s one I’m fiercely determined to go the distance with.

After all, every last inch of L.A.’s concrete has strengthened my feet; every one of its lights has guided my journey; and each of the strangers I’ve encountered along the way have all accompanied me throughout its long road. Together, we are still here: still hungry, but also still humble; day in and night out, each with our own kind of love for this miracle and madness of a home. Sometimes it’s not much, but other times, it is everything.

Tonight, it is everything.

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