Cafe 50’s: East Hollywood Delight

Cafe 50’s, right off of North Vermont across the street from L.A. City College

It was just one of those days, where the only appropriate response to the sudden return of the heat was slurpin’ on a milk-shake. Fortunately for me, Cafe 50’s had me covered! But the bedecked hangout didn’t just offer a whopping array of milk-shakes; it also treated me to a scrumptious bite of Hollywood artwork without the side of testy tourist traffic.

Because let’s face it: On almost any given day, the walk of fame is a nearly identical replication of L.A.’s 405 freeway; it’s jam-packed, stubborn, and it doesn’t quite bring out the best in people. Cafe 50’s, by contrast, is like one of those drive-in theaters people used to go to back in the old days: simply spacious and spectacular. I mean, literally filled with spectacles:

Classic Hollywood Poster Art at Cafe 50’s; East Hollywood, L.A.

Add to this a friendly and speedy staff, coupled with the milk-shake menu from heaven, and you’re on the fast lane to a classic L.A splurging session. Just be warned: with so many options for your milk-shake, you might just end up going with what you know out of fear for something too different like that one Angeleno who’s name will not be spoken here. Ahem.

Shake Heaven in over 42 different options at Cafe 50’s. That’s forty, plus two; East Hollywood, L.A.

No matter how you like your shake though, if it’s any bit as good as my strawberry milk-shake was, you can’t lose! And yes, I did just blow my cover, but just you wait till you’ve got forty-two different options on the menu for a single item and see how you decide!

Shake it up baby! Jukebox style, at Cafe 50’s; East Hollywood, L.A.

Either way, after you select your shake for the meal you can totally forget about your decision as the jukebox offers yet another fantastic menu of options! From this menu, however, the best song for the occasion was clear to me. Can you guess what I played? Mmhmm.

If you’re in the East Hollywood area looking for a little bit of decor and charm, definitely check out Cafe 50’s! With a smile, it awaits you in kind.

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