Here and There in Downtown Los Angeles

For a young photographer still finding their way, downtown Los Angeles offers just the right concoction of abstract architecture and solo night-goers to capture L.A., ‘the strangeness’.
I’m luck y to have a camera in my hand to try and reflect for viewers just what this feels like. More often than not, walking through Los Angeles is like walking through an abandoned would-be city, or a world made of movie sets whose features give one the strange sense that they’ve seen ‘it all’ before, even if they can’t quite trace where.
Downtown L.A. is a quintessential example of this process. Of course, the area has been featured in a number of different films for decades, but even so, there’s always something new about it, if not something off, even.
Metro Red Line, Civic Center terminal; Los Angeles, California

2 thoughts on “Here and There in Downtown Los Angeles

  1. Loving all of the shapes! and I also really like how the patterns and lines don’t seem to have an end. Black and white was a good choice :)

  2. Thanks Surya! I’m definitely an amateur photographer but I figure it doesn’t hurt to try my hand at a good shot each time I get the chance! I particularly like abstract shapes and sizes though. Great meeting you earlier btw, and I hope you had an awesome walk through Glendale! </:D

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