Wooot woot!!! And I’m now on the bus on the way to Houston from San Antonio!

I should be arriving there at midnight, where I’ll take yet another bus to New Orleans. Once I get on there, I should be on the last leg of the trip towards the big M.

It was a lengthy day on the bus today, but it was also crazy fun. At each turn, I found myself totally strategic about how to make the most of my down-time, like earlier when I decided to place my lunch-bag next to the air conditioner on the bus! This kept my last sandwich and bag of grapes cold, staving off bacteria from too much warmth.

In similar fashion, since there was no wi-fi on the bus through El Paso, at each moment that I found myself dozing off through the ride, I decided either to stretch, read, peer-review the materials for the writing workshops, or to rearrange the items of my bag for a smoother carriage.

Bit by bit, it all helped me pass the time, but even when I exhausted these activities, there was still more to do! Towards the end of the ride to San Antonio, I pulled out my composition book, and jotted down some observations about the lone star state based on what I saw.

Then before I knew it, the bus was pulling into downtown San Antonio! On arriving, I had just under an hour to roam through the area, which I used to snap a few pictures. It was neat, and I was almost going to visit the Alamo, but then my belly had other plans!

I walked into a little convenience store and figured to just buy a little makeshift burrito or something, but then I realized that I wanted something a little more Texan, and so I crossed the street and stumbled upon a little place called Whataburger. Eureka! I had overheard someone on the bus earlier who said it was a delicious experience, and they weren’t lying, I gobbled down the jalapeno-laden burger before my server could leave me to the table! Thank you very much.

Then, once again the clock snuck up on me, and I hightailed it back to the bus station right as the line of travelers were squirming their way on board! I walked up to the driver, greeted him with my ticket, and blazed my way onto the bus with a big round smile on my face. It was one of those days!


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