…And just when I thought Miami couldn’t be any more of a dream, I went to the Books & Books store in the Coral Gables area for the V.O.N.A. Faculty Reading! The faculty illuminated the gorgeous house with their magnetic voices, while students and colleagues cheered them on through the evening! By the end of the night, I found myself at a loss for words, and even now, I can only muster a few for J.T.:

I can feel myself falling and falling further into this world, as it flutters through time like the melody of a beautiful song, hitting and blanketing me like the sound of raindrops pelting the window; at once it is all beginning and ending, rising and falling, transfixing me, and all I can do is play and replay the magical moments again and again, trusting to faith that the magic will continue within me even as it fades outside.

I know it will, and that J.T. will serve as a witness to it.

But I also know that for now, it’s time to get right back to it!

With So Much Love,

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