It’s an honor to share an essay from yours truly recently published on the debut edition of DRYLAND, a new publication for L.A. poets, writers, and artists all around!

I had the fortune to connect with DRYLAND earlier this year after meeting one of their people at a writing circle with the InsideOUT Writers, and now it’s a special treat to see my work on their site. The thing is: in all the time I spend on J.T., it almost slips my mind to send my work out elsewhere. But neither VONA nor DRYLAND could have happened if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone to apply myself in other places for a little bit.

Just as with everything else, then: when we get so focused in one part of our lives, we really lose sight of certain other parts of ourselves through it. But with that in mind, let’s not get caught up in this post! Instead, let’s take a walk down memory lane with my essay:20 Years After the L.A. Riots.

And thank you to DRYLAND, and of course, to all the J.T. supporters for a moment of their time.

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