Hey L.A.,

It was another magical day, alongside the beautiful and powerful students and mamá today.

There is so much more to say, but tonight I just want to recognize and thank the youth at “Camp Dorothy Kirby” for making the city of L.A. even bigger for JIMBO TIMES. Over the last couple of months we’ve spent together, the young folks at DKC have inspired me to continue with work in the arts as liberation, and to be even more hopeful that The City is indeed coming up, because the youth are the proof.

To every friend, fan and ally that’s supported this opportunity and J.T. since day one, thank you just as well! Alongside the youth at DKC we’re an even greater community grazing through the winds now, separated by time and space that’s only as real as we make it when we put our minds on pen and paper together.

Wishing each of us a restful night, and a great new week ahead,


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