What a Time


It’s a gorgeous morning in The City, and today feels like an especially good day to hang back and enjoy the breadth of the sky. It’s summertime, and we’re halfway through a year that’s felt much bigger than twelve months (in J.T. Time, that is). 

This next August, JIMBO TIMES will enter its third year of production. It sounds wild, but it’s true! With each day that passes, the site gets bigger and better, and with everything that’s happened over the past two years, even the sky isn’t the limit during our next run under the sun!

Around this time last summer, I was getting ready to take a trip to Miami, and today I’m gearing up for another trip…this time to the city of Chicago in August!

I’d always wanted to spend some time in The Windy City, but had always found a way to postpone it, until the other day when a friend of mine just pushed me to finally book the damn thing, and I did!

Now, the L.A. Storyteller will know Chicago, and the people of J.T. are in for the ride, which I think is just the best celebration for our two-year anniversary.

The time before the trip, then, is a matter of organizing an amazing adventure there. I hope as many fans can support me in this, if not through direct ‘cheering on’, then through an organizing of their own trips out to somewhere new!

Each day the world surprises us somehow, so it’s only right for us to surprise the world right back.

And so, what are we waiting for then?! As we get another day today, let’s make it count, L.A!


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