Ahora Mas Cuentos Los Angeles

On the way,

Today I have the privilege of getting back to The Plus Me Project for a visit to another L.A. school. There should be somewhere between 100 – 120 students that I’ll get to speak with at Alliance Neuwirth Academy this afternoon, and it will be my first time ‘back in action’ since my spectacular time abroad.

I will share pictures with the students from the trip, as well as a few insights on just what it means for me to travel to these other pueblos from which so many of our people hail, which I’m confident will make our time together all the more worthwhile.

From there, we’ve got much more work left to do. It is summertime in Los Angeles, and as educators all throughout The City know well, the summer can be a most critical point of the year for young people everywhere; school is out, mamá y papá ‘tan trabajando, and at that point: What exactly is there to do? Where do we go? And with who? Is it safe?

There is a world to build for L.A.’s youth to make these questions less difficult for them, but as with all worlds, we need time. Today is a matter of taking advantage then, of what little time we’ve been afforded. Indeed it always is, but a healthy reminder never hurts. In fact, I think it’s been quite helpful already.

Let’s get it done Los Angeles,


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