BEE STING (A 7th Grade Student’s Poem on Doubt)

Doubt is like a bee sting
Piercing through my flesh
Injecting its venom in my mind
Struggling, twisting trying to break me
Leaving me with thoughts of “I can’t.”
I doubt me.

My teachers doubt me
But I grab the stinger and pull it out
Using “I can’t” as my number one power source

I am proving a point
Doubt means to
Feel uncertain
Doubt has been everywhere I’ve seen
The Sting
Feeding into me,

But I break past it.

I don’t doubt me.
You might doubt me, but I don’t.
My teachers might doubt me, but I don’t.
Even my family might doubt me,


Rest in peace, Notorious B.I.G.

SR ~セルジオ・ルバルカバ

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