Pandemic in Los Angeles: Day 30

There are so many cuentos left to tell that it’s true we’ve only gotten started describing what the world has been, and what the world is turning out to be during this unusual time for our society. Today’s blog is the 30th in the series.

500 years from now, if civilization is able to make it through this century and four more, I wonder what people might think about our time. I wonder if we’ll look as small to them as say, the Meso-American empires might appear today in an old mural through Los Angeles: as part of a minute, foreign time and place of abstract facts and figures. As if all of it were almost unreal.

I want to think we’ve got far more attributes and articles about ourselves than people did centuries ago, but there is literally nothing to assure me. Well, with just one exception. There is JIMBO TIMES: The L.A. Storyteller, which is ultimately a time capsule for people (or other intelligent organisms?) many civilizations from ours today to experience a fraction of what this time and place was like for yours truly.

I know I’m not the only one who would appreciate our existence being seen and felt this way, and that for this reason, we’ve got to give it all we can, Los Angeles.

I also believe that if, after all, we are alone out here, as in, as the only ones who can truly see our lives for all their resplendent nature, then we better make what we see of ourselves worthwhile.


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