Pandemic in Los Angeles: Day 37

The summer-like heat was something fierce this day.

On this Friday
the world appeared to me to return to its normal state by virtue of the summer glaze over the skyline, through the windows at home, and across the din of my eyebrows while I zig-zagged past so much of Los Angeles delivering the new Los Cuentos face-masks to the people.

Like the Los Cuentos hoodies, and the Los Cuentos caps a year earlier, the new face-masks are as much about caring for communities in Los Angeles as they are about declaring to the world of the metropolis that coronavirus notwithstanding, we are here, we are activated, and we’re not going anywhere without our cuentos still guiding the way.

I am thankful for every supporter in this next chapter for JT, and can assure them we will continue meeting the work with the same dedication and enthusiasm we show for this blog.

Let’s get covered, Los Angeles.


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