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A Song for The City

Fear not now!

Savor the sounds our city misses all year round.

Treasure the gleam, showing liquid still reigns over solid, for the record.

Record the moment with care;

Like a speck of light in a pool of dark, it matters.

And matter changes, Los Angeles.


2 thoughts on “A Song for The City

  1. I love this poem, fabulous! Energy within matter, liquid reigns over solid. We are not alone steel but stardust, creating the future …

    IOW is hopefully starting back teaching at Central in January (not sure with omicron on the loose, but hopefully soon) – I may want to use this poem as a prompt at some point (if I gauge the group is right/ ripe) – OK? Thanks. Congrats. for all your magnificent work, and onward into 2022

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