That Time 50,000 Pupils Enrolled in L.A. Schools, Taxing Buildings’ Capacity

“More than 50,000 pupils enrolled in the city schools this morning. By the end of the week the superintendents estimate that a maximum enrollment of 70,000 will be made—50,000 in the elementary, the rest in the intermediate and high schools…

Principal Housh of Los Angeles high school hopes to limit the enrollment of his school to 1900, but may be forced to take in 2000. There were 250 registrations for the senior class, a record-breaking number. About 850 pupils can be accommodated at Hollywood high school, but no estimate could be made this morning whether any would have to be turned away…”

“Miss Maria de Lopez, Teacher of Spanish, Who Has Been Instrumental in Opening the Second School in the City for the Education of the Poor, Addressing a Group of Mexicans in the Plaza,” Los Angeles Herald, September 16, 1912

Source: “50,000 Pupils Enroll in L.A. Schools; Tax Buildings’ Capacity,” Los Angeles Herald, September 16, 1912. California Digital Newspaper Collection, Center for Bibliographic Studies and Research, University of California, Riverside,


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  1. Bless the memory of Srita. Maria de Lopez and all she undoubtedly did for the poor and disadvantaged children in the schools and communities. Until the good education of ALL CHILDREN IN ALL SCHOOLS IN ALL TOWNS/CITIES becomes a top priority for the majority (I don’t think it will ever be “all”) politicians and other decision-makers in our society, children will always suffer under harsh conditions and biases. And a big, proven determinant of a good education is small class sizes; crowdedness is always a success-killer for many. That takes money for hiring enough teachers for this, and politicians don’t care that much for education, sad to say.

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