Hugo Soto-Martinez joins the podcast for the third time and for the first as the official Council Member for CD-13. We discuss the new council member’s plan for the district, his office’s strategy on combating homelessness, his office’s coordination with Mayor Bass’ Safer Inside initiative and L.A. County to bring unhoused people indoors, and the possible implementation of conserving mentally unstable residents without housing through California’s new CARE Act.

We also discuss the council member’s outreach to small businesses in CD-13 as they recover from losses suffered over the pandemic, including businesses in the Frogtown neighborhood; and we touch on plans for partnerships between the council member’s office and current service-providers in the district, as well as the mechanics of L.A. City Hall, including where much of L.A.’s policy is actually developed: L.A.’s committee meetings. Last but not least, we ask the council member regarding when new field representatives for CD-13 will be announced, as well as on updates for none other than the fence still surrounding Echo Park lake.

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