This is a special rebroadcast episode outside of J.T. the L.A. Storyteller Podcast’s regular schedule.

On Wednesday, November 15th, Jewish Voice for Peace and the L.A. Chapter of If Not Now gathered in Hollywood for a rally and march demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The event was attended by over 1,000 people of various ages, ethnic groups, and faiths, including Black Lives Matter – Los Angeles, which recorded and broadcast the event’s various speakers through their Instagram page; this audio features that recording, leaving out only the portion of the march from De Longpre Park through Hollywood boulevard to focus on the event’s main voices. The march concluded at the intersection of Hollywood boulevard and Highland avenue, where despite rain throughout the evening demonstrators sat atop the streets as speakers addressed the crowd, including through chants and songs.

(2:26) Jewish Voice for Peace and Allies begin the rally
(6:31) Acknowledging L.A. as Tongva land and the origins of the name “Hollywood”
(8:14) Donating to support land back for Tongva People in Los Angeles
(9:56) Mic Check/Practicing the People’s Mic
(10:59) A prayer for the march by Rabbi Robin Podolsky
(15:48) It’s not just raining in L.A. but in Gaza as well
(16:07) Calling for peace because of Judaism, not despite it
(21:56) Solidarity with the Islamic Center of Southern California
(23:33) A brief round-up of war crimes by the state of Israel in Gaza
(27:25) Why the genocide must STOP!
(28:49) Biden didn’t even try to bring Palestinians and Israelis together
(29:49) What does it take for U.S.’ elected officials to call for a ceasefire?
(31:02) As we stand here speaking…already hundreds have been killed
(31:46) Not in our name; let Gaza live
(33:05) Song: Nation shall not war against Nation
(36:50) Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, artist and writer.
(38:09) What we are witnessing right now is not normal
(39:25) The first time I marched…was protesting the Iraq war
(40:23) An Iraqi child mattered just as much as a child in Los Angeles
(41:27) Liberation is not selective
(43:15) As you speak up for others, we will speak up for you; antisemitism has no place in liberation
(47:54) Michael Wolfe, Jewish Voice for Peace organizer
(52:06) Never Again for Anyone
(53:51) Jewish people first came to Hollywood because of exclusion elsewhere
(54:49) SAG-AFTRA and WGA Strikers: Join Us!
(55:45) Hollywood: We need stories calling for a ceasefire now!
(56:34) Judy Chiu, Tony Cardenas, Adam Schiff, Grace Napolitano, Brad Sherman, Jimmy Gomez, Norma Torres, Ted Lieu, Sydney Kamlager-Dove, Robert Garcia, Nanette Barragan, Michelle Steel, Alex Padilla and Laphonza Butler: WHERE ARE YOU?
(58:40) Song: Ceasefire Now
(1:00:28) We are here, thousands strong
(1:05:34) Proceeding to march in Hollywood; BLM-LA in the mix
(1:14:31) Jewish and Palestinian communities are both mourning right now
(1:15:57) Refusing a ceasefire jeopardizes the rescue of Israeli hostages; military strategists are not realists
(1:19:58) From the Mishnah: God suffers even when a murderer is killed, let alone innocent children
(1:23:04) Maya with Students for Justice in Palestine
(1:25:35) Dealing with the onslaught of your own people year after year
(01:30:02) To celebrities refusing to speak out against genocide:
(1:34:06) Konstantine Anthony: The only elected official in Los Angeles present at the march
(1:41:30) Matt Lieb on the march for Israel in D.C. and the role for Jewish voices in Hollywood
(1:44:35) On the intimidation of speaking out against Israel as an apartheid state
(1:48:40) On calling anti-zionists traitors for speaking out against the settler-colonial state
(1:52:50) Mexican Ashkenazi IndigiJewess Lu Coy singing in solidarity with Palestinians
(1:59:49) Hedab Tarifi is a Palestinian from Gaza
(2:03:56) I refuse to have a war-criminal as my president
(2:07:00) Viva, viva Palestina
(2:07:21) Ceasefire Now; Not In Our Name
(2:10:00) Melina Abdullah, Black Lives Matter
(2:14:48) Every dollar spent on genocide is not spent on housing in Los Angeles or healthcare
(2:16:24) Respect Oakland for shutting down ships to Israel
(2:16:46) A Palestinian child is being killed every two minutes in this genocidal bombardment
(2:19:16) We’re not calling for a humanitarian pause; a ceasefire is the very least we can do
(2:21:10) Shout out all the jews, gentiles and other allies today
(2:21:50) We Rise (Police en route notwithstanding)

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