A new year is a wonderful new beginning to consider, but there is always so much old business on my mind, regardless of what time it might be. This forces me to create time apart from what the calendar says, in a place far away from the rest of the world; an alternative space of life and deadlines, where my mind can run free from the boundaries of every day reality, to imagine and piece together another version of things. One might call such a wonder ‘a little ole me time’, or a ‘jimbo time’; indeed, one might call it…


With more soon,


Woot woot!


Today I had the pleasure of volunteering for the 2015 Model United Nations High School Conference at Occidental College! It was a blast, as I witnessed students debate about everything from how to distribute aid in war-locked zones, to how to prevent nuclear technology from getting in the hands of non-state actors, and so much more! The event was organized by the Model UN club at Oxy, in conjunction with the United Nations Association of Pasadena. To learn more about how you can get you or your high school involved, check out the UNA’s page HERE. I can assure you: you won’t regret it, as for students and organizers like, participating in Model UN is truly an unforgettable experience!