Tonight is that Night

Tonight two cities glue themselves to the edge of their seats to watch history unfold itself before their eyes. While I might hail from just one of those cities, I root for all the people from all the cities of the world who treasure any game as a medium by which to bring people and their communities together.

There is much going on in the world, but to pretend that entertainment isn’t a fundamental part of what makes us human would be like walking through the school yard past a playground during lunchtime to note only that there are kids rather than that there are kids playing and laughing and jumping to the drum of their heartbeats as they make up the moments that will make them who they are.

Games are fun. They expand our imagination and allow us to live, and sometimes even to achieve greatness. Of course they also allow us to play, and so naturally one couldn’t expect me to be serious when claiming to root for both teams as they meet one last time for all the marbels.

In the end you can’t please everyone anyhow.