J.T. Salutes You,

Digang Yuzhuang,
Digang Village, 南浔区 Huzhou, Zhejiang, China

At more than 5,500 miles from home, with fervor in my veins pushing as ever before to unlock the best of myself for the rest of the world to know.

Let’s make it happen, Los Angeles. From Huzhou to Shanghai, let’s give these Cuentos what they need, something more to believe in.


Mom Is

The two of us in the car

Stopped at a red light
On the way home
When her phone rings,
Making the little

Ding-da-da-ding-da-da-di-ding-ding sound.

I say, MOM! You know you can turn the volume off
If you would prefer not to pick up.

She curtly replies:
‘Si pero ni quiero hacer eso mijo.’

(It’s not true. She just forgets where the button is.)

We drive along with the Ding-da-da-ding-da-da-di-ding-ding

The concert of being next to her.


Enjoying the Silence

What a still moment. It’s late morning in The City, and it’s so quiet at home that one would think the entire neighborhood up and left for the day. I suppose it has.

I’ll be leaving too, but not until later in the afternoon for a late shift at work. Already, it’s been an amazing day. I got up and looked back on some old writing, which was a lot of fun to browse through, and I made some arroz con leche for breakfast.

The arroz was so tasty that even my mom grabbed a mug and poured some for herself when she got into the kitchen. This rarely happens. Usually my mom has to ‘fix’ my cooking with her ingredients, which usually leads us into a disagreement about how to make things just right, and which then leads us into a back-and-forth on how much each of us still has to learn.

With that said, between bites mom still mentioned she thought the rice was just a little under-cooked. Instead of up and heating the rice herself, however, she asked if I thought maybe the rice needed a little more heat, to which I politely responded that I thought it was just fine.

I guess we’ve both learned!

It’s been another great year for us. The home that she and my brother and I have built is a true gift, and I know that we’re still just at the outset of everything else ahead.

With so much Love,