(0:37) We are 5.4 million renters in Los Angeles County, which is the richest county in the nation by a long shot. But about 3 million of us are rent-burdened, or paying more than half our monthly income on rent

(2:16) BTW: Remember to check out the latest from Making a Neighborhood

(2:44) Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom debate. Why does it matter?

(3:21) Yes, there were more important things to do besides watching this debate. At the same time…

(3:55) Dianne Feinstein’s sudden death while in office is, or should be, instructional

(4:49) Feinstein’s passing has led to a brand new race for CA-30’s Congressional District, among other things

(5:29) If Feinstein can pass away while still in office like she did, so can Joe Biden; that’s why Newsom is out there

(7:27) For what it’s worth, Newsom definitely left DeSantis in the dust through the debate

(9:09) To most people, politicians are hacks and grifters; while there’s a lot of merit to this, there are also tens of thousands of people who are employed or not depending on which one of them is office. That’s also what we vote on

(10:06) A good example of this is Rick Caruso vs Karen Bass. Bass was the standout choice for too many voters not just for her personality, but for her broader network with and for communities of color

(11:20) Speaking of Los Angeles, INDEPENDENT REDISTRICTING IS COMING TO L.A. IN 2024

(12:28) This is a moment for all the advocates, for all those who’ve called out L.A. City Hall’s back-room deals on city and community mapping over the last few decades

(13:14) Now, as for expanding the number of L.A. City Council seats; that’s still a work in progress…

(14:04) Think about it though: L.A. City Hall already struggles to provide services with 15 Council Members; if 10 more are suddenly added, what’s to guarantee that their offices wouldn’t also be understaffed?

(15:36) For more on this and other ways of remaking L.A. City Hall, check out L.A. Forward

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(18:02) The latest from Making a Neighborhood is on JVP’s Ceasefire March and Rally in Hollywood!

(19:20) As for more actions for Palestine this weekend, consider the following…

(20:21) BTW: These marches are against the U.S.’s war on the people of Gaza, not just against Israel; it’s U.S. tax dollars which fund Israel’s military

(21:04) Children’s March for Palestine: Saturday at 12 PM at Grand Park in downtown L.A.; supporters include: Students for Justice in Palestine: IVC, Latino Musulmana de America, Our Califas Brown Berets, and more

(21:49) Writers for Palestine: Saturday at 6:30 PM at Beyond Baroque in Venice. Fundraiser for the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund: Readers include Rhys Langston, who we’ve interviewed on the show, Armine Iknadossian, Paasha Motamedi, and more

(22:56) Gentrification and Genocide: Sunday at 9 AM at the Normandie Recreation Center. Organizers include: The L.A. Tenants Union and Palestinian Youth Movement

(24:25) Oh, and before I forget: We have another critical guest interview coming up soon concerning L.A. City Council and the upcoming ballot. Stay vigilant and stay tuned. And let the city know.

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Now enjoy time-stamps from J.T. the L.A. Storyteller Podcast for those Los Cuentos listeners on the go!

(0:47) Flying Solo
(2:39) Raza educators and Unión del Barrio Rally in DTLA
(3:25) Latinx, Latine, or Hispanic
(4:44) Calling out UTLA for failing to make a statement against the genocide in Gaza
(6:33) A Latina public school teacher is being sued for supposedly teaching antisemitism
(9:30) Apartheid in Gaza and the West Bank
(12:03) Latinx Presence (or lackthereof) at protests for Palestine in L.A.
(14:58) L.A.’s built environment and its relation to protest
(17:14) Are Latinx folks actively tuning out the Palestinian cause?
(18:46) Comparing turnout at recent protests with turnout for BLM’s protests in 2020
(21:49) Seasonal differences between now and then and boycotting Starbucks’ Red Cup
(24:35) The holiday season’s importance to family ties or commitments
(26:05) Settler-colonialism and the clash between “the free market” and people’s rights to land
(27:17) Purchasing power and settler-colonialism’s impact on Latinx communities in L.A.
(29:31) Palestinians’ ancestral ties to the land and its parallels with landless communities in L.A.
(31:35) Native American Heritage Month in Los Angeles
(35:03) Standing against genocide today is affording Palestinians what was not afforded to Native Americans, including in California between the 1850s – 1870s
(35:52) The march in Hollywood uplifting Jewish voices and reclaiming Jewish identity from Zionism
(37:36) Jewish voices for Peace in Hollywood called out the blacklisting of people for speaking up for Palestine
(41:59) The L.A. Times became the first major US paper calling for a ceasefire in Gaza 
(44:11) Stay vigilant and stay tuned!
(44:22) P.S. Shout out the Robinson S.P.A.C.E.

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