In Los Angeles is the Universe,

Es enorme, y como nos encanta descubrir mas.


Planning for Los Angeles

Sometimes there’s no greater validation than in someone else’s eyes, when the fragments of each perspective make up for a greater whole; views that reflect our own but which are also different enough to be apart allow us to reach farther into the universe and see into life’s endlessness. There, we discover not just reflections, but whole troves of new dimensions for us to plant seeds in.

Through the course of reading and researching for this blog, I’ve been fortunate enough to find such validation again and again. On this day, the reading is on infrastructure and policy, and the story is from Eric Avila, in his Folklore of the Freeway (2014):

“In the context of urban history, infrastructure can make or break a community. In the United States, the historical development of urban infrastructure has both formed and followed the inscriptions of race, class, and gender on the urban landscape. Ample in more affluent communities, usually absent or minimal in historic concentrations of urban poverty, infrastructure does not serve its public equally. Some cities have a more equitable distribution of infrastructure than others, but many urban neighborhoods remain woefully underserved.”

With more soon,