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(0:47) Flying Solo
(2:39) Raza educators and Unión del Barrio Rally in DTLA
(3:25) Latinx, Latine, or Hispanic
(4:44) Calling out UTLA for failing to make a statement against the genocide in Gaza
(6:33) A Latina public school teacher is being sued for supposedly teaching antisemitism
(9:30) Apartheid in Gaza and the West Bank
(12:03) Latinx Presence (or lackthereof) at protests for Palestine in L.A.
(14:58) L.A.’s built environment and its relation to protest
(17:14) Are Latinx folks actively tuning out the Palestinian cause?
(18:46) Comparing turnout at recent protests with turnout for BLM’s protests in 2020
(21:49) Seasonal differences between now and then and boycotting Starbucks’ Red Cup
(24:35) The holiday season’s importance to family ties or commitments
(26:05) Settler-colonialism and the clash between “the free market” and people’s rights to land
(27:17) Purchasing power and settler-colonialism’s impact on Latinx communities in L.A.
(29:31) Palestinians’ ancestral ties to the land and its parallels with landless communities in L.A.
(31:35) Native American Heritage Month in Los Angeles
(35:03) Standing against genocide today is affording Palestinians what was not afforded to Native Americans, including in California between the 1850s – 1870s
(35:52) The march in Hollywood uplifting Jewish voices and reclaiming Jewish identity from Zionism
(37:36) Jewish voices for Peace in Hollywood called out the blacklisting of people for speaking up for Palestine
(41:59) The L.A. Times became the first major US paper calling for a ceasefire in Gaza 
(44:11) Stay vigilant and stay tuned!
(44:22) P.S. Shout out the Robinson S.P.A.C.E.

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We catch up with Eva Recinos, originally out of South-Central Los Angeles, and now a seasoned Arts and Culture writer and Creative Non-Fiction writer who focuses on visual art and design, Latinx identity, and education and mental health. Eva was a 2019 finalist in the LA Press Club awards for Arts & Entertainment Feature (Online); 2019 Idyllwild Writer’s Week Nonfiction Fellow; 2020 finalist in the Center for Women Writers International Literary Awards; finalist in the Blood Orange Review 2020 Creative Nonfiction Contest; and a 2021 Pen America Emerging Voices Fellowship finalist.

Our conversation touches on a number of Eva’s articles, including “The Streets Are Made of Anger” for Sin Cesar, “I Want to Speak for Myself, Not the whole Latinx Community,” for Electric Lit, and “You, too, can be touched by Çedouze” for the L.A. Times; we also talk about the challenges of writing, including in terms of frequency, Eva’s experience pitching a new manuscript, and some of her must-read books this season.

You can sign up for Eva’s newsletter, Notes with Eva–which is truly a care-package for writers–HERE, and follow her more closely on IG via @evaiswriting.

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