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In this special edition episode with Council Member Hernandez of L.A. City Council’s 1st District, we discuss upcoming rent raises in 2024 and their impact on housing insecurity in L.A.; we also discuss voting against the police budget earlier this year, new funding sources for the L.A. Ethics Commission, the race for new leadership in Council District 14, and more:

(2:53) Rent hike this February 2024
(5:07) The rent hike’s effect on Council District 1
(7:35) A message to the housing movement about the politics behind this decision by L.A. City Council
(9:50) Voting against the police budget for 2023 – 2024
(13:13) Purchasing the Mayfair hotel in Westlake/MacArthur Park area to house folks from Skid Row
(17:02) Hosting Denver’s Support Team Assisted Response (STAR) program as an alternative response to people experiencing crises in Los Angeles
(19:51) The Crisis and Incident through Community-Led Engagement (CIRCLE) program in Los Angeles
(21:59) What if LAPD budget increases went to more human responses to mental health crises?
(24:19) Turning the old Lincoln Heights jail into a new community resource
(26:48) Measure J’s progress in L.A. County since being approved by 2.1 million voters in 2020
(29:37) Independent funding for the L.A. City Council Ethics Commission
(31:39) Expanding L.A. City Council as soon as 2026, potentially
(34:50) Reconnecting MacArthur Park without displacing people in the area
(39:23) Partnership on the project with L.A. Metro
(40:41) Endorsing Ysabel Jurado in Council District 14 and dual-endorsing reverend Eddie Anderson and Council Member Hutt in CD-10
(43:22) CD-14 has the highest number of evictions and has millions in discretionary funds
(45:08) Joining a short list of elected officials in L.A. and California calling for a ceasefire in Gaza

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L.A. City Council Member Marqueece Harris-Dawson (@mhdcd8) discusses Karen Bass’ new Inside Safe program, Measure HHH ($1.2 billion dollars for homeless services), affordable housing, Renter’s Rights to Counsel in L.A., getting LAPD off traffic stops in L.A. since it disproportionately affects Black and Brown communities, and more.

I also had a great time going through our lighting round, inspired by the MHD Off the Record Podcast, in which we go over some of the Council Member’s favorite movies and memories through the city.

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