Fweago,” “Don Cee” and “Forbs24K” of the V.V’s stop by to chat about the local Family Arcade, the gentrification of Virgil avenue, and even the state of hip hop for Latino rap stars today, among other things. Forbs and Fweago also share a microphone in this session due to J.T.’s mishap! To see the video recording of this discussion and more, visit and sign up for the new seven-day free trial.


Check out VIRGILVILLAGE, the first album for the neighborhood straight outta Virgil Village

The landmark album in East Hollywood by the V.V’s features “Forbs,” “DeuceSeis,” “Don Cee,” “SickAssHam,” and “Fweago,” with production assistance from “DJ Aztecz,” also known as “Tecz” of Burnside Recording Studios.

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