grayscale photo of mother kissing her baby


Now I spend so much time seeing, thinking and being of one mind;

But you knew my eyes before I could call them mine.

Held me in your arms before I’d hold myself…

It’s a miracle, then, to be able to say to my maker:

Thank you, Mamá.


Ahora paso tanto tiempo viendo, pensando y siendo de una sola mente;

Pero conociste mis ojos antes de que pudiera llamarlos míos.

Me sostuviste en tus brazos antes de que yo me sostuviera...

Es un milagro, entonces, poder decirle a mi creadora:

Gracias, Mamá.


Pandemic in Los Angeles: Day 47

This upcoming Sunday will mark Mother’s Day 2020. I’m taking mom out for some chile relleno, even if it still has to be takeout. Earlier today, I was stopped in my tracks when I heard LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner recognizing his own mother as the catalyst for his life in education during his weekly address for parents and families in L.A.:

The most important teacher in my life was my mom. She helped thousands of public school kids learn to read, including me. The love of reading she taught me led to a love of learning, which is with me today, as I try to better understand the world around me. Thank you, Mom.”

Austin Beutner

Let’s leave it simply at that for today, Los Angeles.


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