The 80th episode for J.T. the L.A. Storyteller Podcast arrives next Monday, November 29th. In the meantime, we bring listeners’ attention to an East Hollywood Neighborhood Council meeting taking place via Zoom on Tuesday, November 23rd starting at 7 PM, on what’s being framed as “illegal” street vending in the LACC area/Vermont avenue stretch.

As listeners of our podcast will know, vendors on the streets of Los Angeles rely on their commerce for their living, that is, to eat. This makes any gestures towards outlawing their access to these streets an attack on their right to survival.

Access the Zoom meeting, which is supposed to be quite full, at the following link:



Register for the L.A. Street Vendor Campaign Report Launch this Wednesday, August 11th

This free presentation and discussion, held by Public Counsel and the UCLA School of Law Economic Development Clinic, is set for August 11th, 2021 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. You can register for the event HERE.

“Despite the landmark effort to legalize sidewalk vending in California, little-known and poorly designed food laws still make it functionally illegal for most vendors to sell food. While non-food merchandise vendors now have a relatively clear path to legal vending, most sidewalk food vendors are still denied access to the formal economy by a potent combination of inaccessible permitting procedures, exorbitant costs, incompatible equipment and design standards, and punitive enforcement measures.”

“During the report launch we will hear from the authors of the report, advocates, and street vendors who are fighting for their right to work without harassment and criminalization.”



In our 67th episode, we chat with Hugo Soto-Martinez. Hugo recently announced his candidacy for the office of the 13th Council District at L.A. City Hall. In this interview, he describes his background as the son of two immigrants who worked as street vendors through South Central Los Angeles, his experience organizing with domestic and service workers as a part of Unite Here Local 11, policy goals he’s interested in for CD-13, and how folks can get involved with his campaign. Learn more about Hugo at his new campaign website.