grayscale photo of mother kissing her baby


Now I spend so much time seeing, thinking and being of one mind;

But you knew my eyes before I could call them mine.

Held me in your arms before I’d hold myself…

It’s a miracle, then, to be able to say to my maker:

Thank you, Mamá.


Ahora paso tanto tiempo viendo, pensando y siendo de una sola mente;

Pero conociste mis ojos antes de que pudiera llamarlos míos.

Me sostuviste en tus brazos antes de que yo me sostuviera...

Es un milagro, entonces, poder decirle a mi creadora:

Gracias, Mamá.


And, Between Us and the Night

I took the day to take time off of everything, and it was a smart move. In the depths of my rest and recreation, I took a look back at some archives and resolved on an additional surprise for The People:

This December, I will send PRINTED COPIES of only the best photography from The L.A. Storyteller to each and every donor to A New Camera for J.T., as well as to the great folks who supported our trip to Miami for VONA.

At my core, I see that no matter how far we might be going in the days that follow, we can’t forget the people who have supported our work since the beginning; I look at J.T. now, and I’m truly proud of what I see: a gorgeous, ever-expanding accomplishment in community, but one which couldn’t be such without each and every individual that’s contributed to its L.A. stories from one day to the next.

Therefore, from the day-ones to the current ones, we will honor The People of these pages, and it’s going to be another beautiful time. Just wait and see!

Yours truly,