The Rite of Passage in L.A.

Sometimes poverty and addiction is all you see,

Is this the world I left behind to you,

Or is this what was left behind to me?

What I know is I hurt with you when you weep,

Broken promises that left you, scars we both keep.

Keep ya head up, they told me

Now it’s your turn.

Is that destiny?

You see you yourself are not a broken promise, though,


But you have to make your way through brokenness,

To know

What’s truly free.

You’ll be free.


Who Doubts Me (For the Students of Los Angeles)

Who doubts me
You doubt me
I doubt me
We doubt me

Why do we doubt so much
When doubters became dreamers to direct the whole world
Into greatness like ours.

Waving like the rings of the voices you hear now
Driven by visions from eyes
Like the ones you see now.

See us, you say?
You see only a fraction of–

Doubt THAT!

Rest in peace, Nipsey Hussle.