Urban Planners, geek out! Michelle Rivera, of UCLA’s Masters in Urban and Regional Planning program, connects with us to talk about her journey towards this esteemed graduate program. Shout outs and discussion items include Michelle and I’s coming out of UC Davis (go Aggies!), the importance of nonprofit work for learning the how-tos of community organizing, Michelle’s time with Chancee Martorell of the Thai Community Development Center in East Hollywood, her work with L.A. City Hall’s recent decision to codify the Al Fresco program, and of course, her fundraising efforts to get to Paris, France this fall, where she’ll continue her studies for three months at Sciences Po University. Please find her fundraiser for this HERE, and follow her journey via Instagram at @mujer.de.epazote.

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Here are the four easy steps to take when calling into the hotline:

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four colourful houses

Here is The City’s new Plan to House L.A. from 2023 – 2029

According to the L.A. City Planning department:

“On June 14, 2022, the full City Council adopted the targeted amendments. The Housing Element will guide the creation and implementation of the City’s housing policy from 2021 to 2029. On June 29 [2022], the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) informed the City of Los Angeles that its 2021-2029 Housing Element was in full compliance with State law.” The plan is said to begin implementation as early as this February 2023

From the Executive Summary of this report, according to former Mayor Garcetti in his 2021 State of the City address:

“Loving Los Angeles means facing the bitter truth about our past that maps of our city were drawn to protect the wealth of white people and destroy the wealth of Black people and other people of color. Redlining and exclusionary zoning resulted in a city where today Black and Mexican origin families hold 1/90th of the wealth of white families on average, it’s a city where Black people are overrepresented among those experiencing homelessness by a factor of four, and where Latino homelessness accounts for the greatest jump of newly homeless Angelenos.”

You can also learn more about this document via L.A. City Planning’s FAQ page.



For our 98th installment (originally recorded May 29th, 2022), Nahshon and I discuss yours truly’s roots in Los Angeles, the L.A. mayor’s race, the L.A. County Sheriff’s office, and even Acapulco restaurant. Nahshon Dion is a multi-talented, award-winning creative nonfiction writer, teaching artist, creative director, executive producer, and arts patron from Pasadena, California. She hosts TRANSBRATIONS, a YouTube show, whose next guest, on June 21st, features Writer and Professor Elmaz Abinader, co-founder of Voices of Our Nation Arts Foundation (VONA).

*It was Toni Morrison–not Angela Davis–in a conversation with Angela Davis, who noted the abundance of libraries in the United States per capita compared to the rest of ‘the West’s’ states and nations.*

*Set the Night on Fire: L.A. in the Sixties was authored by Mike Davis and Jon Weiner–not Weinstein–in 2020.