A special, December 1st episode with my good friend, collaborator and noona, Helen H. Kim. Enjoy!

(1:16) Hello, if that’s OK
(1:53) Living for and loving awkwardness
(2:27) Shout out to the Robinson S.P.A.C.E.
(3:26) Loving noona’s smiley-face sweater
(3:58) Providing people with the opportunity to turn their necks
(4:37) Items on yours truly’s to-do list going forward
(6:48) Two opposite things for the body
(7:44) Items on Helen’s to-do list going forward
(9:20) Supplements and meal-prep
(10:53) The way we speak to ourselves
(15:04) Reclaiming our wellness from our productivity
(18:20) Being two older siblings who have internalized the older sibling complex
(20:58) Moving towards resolutions for ourselves today, not tomorrow
(21:44) Checking in on ourselves as well as our friends
(23:27) Older siblings unite!
(25:10) Family matters and ourselves
(27:59) Okay, checking in with Chat-GPT; proving Chat-GPT WRONG
(29:10) How many officials from California have run for the presidency and won?
(30:21) So Richard Nixon honeymooned in a funky Riverside hotel, actually
(31:29) I have a good Chat-GPT story too, you know
(34:24) Chat-GPT’s politically correct scripts on race and ethnicity
(36:27) Culture colliding today and the Cambrian explosion of yester-age
(38:55) Chat-GPT supporting the Korean/Laos Storytelling Project
(42:16) Okay, getting back to our to-do lists over these next few weeks
(44:01) The appendectomy is more common than you may suspect, actually
(45:47) Getting off auto-pilot because enough is enough (for me too)
(48:05) Seriously though, change starts today, tonight, right now
(49:56) Honestly though, let’s just warm up with some tamales

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Nearly two years since the beginning of the great quarantine, unemployment in the L.A.-Long Beach-Glendale area is at 7.8%, at least as of October 2021, down from 10.3% in June 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But the number is surely higher, especially given L.A.’s “informal” economy, or the city’s undocumented communities who number at just under a million people but are unlikely to be reflected accordingly in the BLS’s data-gathering. The BLS report also doesn’t count people who are underemployed, or working less hours than they’d like or need to, nor those who sought work unsuccessfully in the last year and exited or “vanished” from the work-force as a result. Yet even placing these discrepancies aside for a moment, 7.8% is still at least 390,000 people of “working age” in the county without a stable or practical income this holiday season. Keep them close in mind this winter season, Los Angeles.